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5 things to avoid when planning a proposal

1. a sporting event proposal

i don’t care how much you love baseball or basketball, taking her to your team’s game and putting it on a jumbotron is almost a guaranteed no // unless she is a die hard fan, and i mean seriously die hard fan, who’d rather drink beer and eat nachos in a loud arena than go on a quiet date, just the 2 of you, i suggest you avoid the idea at all cost // just look up failed sports proposals and it’ll be enough to convince you to scrap the idea.

2. telling her to get her nails done

please, for the love of goodness do NOT start showing any interest in her nails // that’s a dead giveaway and she’ll know the proposal is coming soon // instead, have her mom or friend treat her to getting their nails done together // if you don’t have sisters or understand the big deal of having the perfect nails when you get engaged, you will when you pop the question and her nails aren’t done // trust me on this one.

3. eating/drinking too much or too little beforehand

regardless of how perfectly planned out your proposal is, you’re going to get nervous and that’s okay // it’s good actually // you’re changing 2 lives in a matter of seconds and it’s natural to feel some sort of nervousness // but, beware how much you’re consuming leading up to the big question // you may go from feeling so nervous you could throw up to actually throwing up because of eating or drinking too much // or on the other hand, from feeling so nervous you could pass out to actually passing out if you haven’t had enough to eat // just be conscious of consumption (especially alcohol).

4. telling too many people about your plans

limit the amount of people you tell about your proposal plans // everyone will find out once you make your engagement announcement as a couple, but keep it to a handful before then // and be picky with those you choose to tell // some people have big mouths and are great at ruining surprises so keep it to a few in your circle.

5. being so secretive you start acting suspicious

no doubt you want to keep the proposal a secret, just be wise that your preparation before then doesn't make you look suspicious // leaving the room to take calls, tilting your phone away you text, not having time to hang out because you "have plans" are all things that will lead her to 2 conclusions // 1: you're cheating // 2: you're going to propose // yes these are polar opposites, but that's a girls mind works // hate to break it to you but that's how it is // so to avoid any suspicion, go about your normal routine or at least act like it // if you're going to meet with a jeweler for final touches on a ring and your girlfriend wants to have dinner together, ask her if she's free for breakfast because you have to catch up on some work // use something mundane that doesn't raise any flags and makes life seem as normal as possible.

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