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top 3 reasons to hire an engagement planner over recruiting a friend

while friends are great and fun, there are reasons to hire someone over recruiting your friends to help plan your engagement // here are the top 3 reasons to hire an engagement planner for your big day.

1. professionalism

again, friends are great but you’ll notice a difference when you hire a professional with experience // the details that neither you nor your friends would have thought of to prepare for your proposal are all taken care of by the planner// professionalism, especially within the realm of engagements, will give confidence that will melt the stress away and be replaced by excitement because you’re about to ask a life changing question!

2. element of surprise

the proposal is much more likely to be a secret when you keep your circle small // looping friends in on your proposal ideas can be tricky // friends who make any sort of hint or accidental slip up about your plans are sure to give your girlfriend reason to be suspicious // an engagement planner is trained in the art of secrecy and knows from experience what a telltale sign of a proposal is and how to avoid spoilers

3. lack of stress

knowing you hired someone with plenty of experience and expertise, there’s no reason to stress about the process or the moments leading up to it // there’s only space for joy and excitement about popping the question // friends are great for celebrating and planners are great for taking the reins, especially for something this life changing // don’t be caught constantly calling your friends, making sure everything is set up and going according to plan // put your trust in an expert and let the day be the least stressful and most exciting for you // it is your engagement day after all!

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