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3 reasons to avoid "marry me" signs

when asking your girlfriend to marry you, there are endless possibilities how to do it // you can prepare a nice dinner or set up a beach picnic and pop the question // while many pinterest photos advertise "will you marry me?" signage there are a few reasons to avoid the idea altogether.

1. it's less meaningful

girls would much rather be surprised when you drop down to one knee than to read your message and figure it out for herself // it means much more to hear it coming from you than from a sign // an address from the heart of how much you love her will overpower any words you spell out

2. it's tacky

i'm sorry, but someone had to say it // there is absolutely no reason to spell out "marry me" in rose petals or get balloons to relay the message // while those decorations may look good in birthday photos, but it's less than romantic for a proposal

3. it ruins the surprise

with the excitement of surprising her with the proposal, you want to avoid anything that would give it away including a sign that asks her to marry you // avoiding the idea allows for more creativity in where you do it and how, especially if your plans fall through // you could ask her randomly on a walk or take her to a restaurant and play it cool until the words come out of your mouth

do yourself a favor and avoid any written notions that would steal your thunder

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