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3 must-haves for proposal day

while there is a lot of preparation that must be done prior to proposal day, there are 3 must-haves the day of to ensure everything is running smoothly.

1. go-to contact

everything should be prepared and ready to set up, if not already done // your go-to contact is the person who is going to put the finishing touches on the proposal site and if anything doesn't go according to plan, they're the person to adjust accordingly // it can be the engagement planner or a friend, but it's important you have one to keep you up-to-date and allow you to relax, knowing everything is taken care of.

2. a backup plan

no one wants their proposal plans to be foiled, but it’s important you plan for things to go wrong in case they actually do // having a backup plan will put your mind at ease if your original idea isn’t going as planned // be sure you and your contact are on the same page if things are changing // take the weather for example: if you’re planning a beach sunset proposal and it’s a rainy, cloudy afternoon, it’s time to shift the plan to an indoor area with string lights and flowers // having a backup plan will allow you as the proposer not to worry about making everything perfect; your contact will be in charge of that and you can enjoy the moments leading up to the big question knowing you prepared for a change in plans if it comes to that.

3. real time pictures

whether it’s a photoshoot or a hidden camera, be sure to capture the moment // the very real, candid pictures of you asking her to marry you will last a lifetime // there’s a whole variety of ways to do this: hidden photographer, tripod stand, friends using their phones // whatever it is, be sure it’s captured // pure joy in that moment will be something the both of you want and cherish forever.


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